Why Kemba Walker will be better for the Celtics than Kyrie Irving

Stephen Varanko III. A season later, and every Celtic fan (to put it mildly) found out that Kyrie Irving wasn’t really a good fit with the team. Not to take anything away from the all-star and NBA champion, Irving’s return led to a disappointing exit against the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs.

But fret not. The storm clouds have passed, and while many beloved Celtics were traded away (thank you Al Horford, Terry Rozier, and everyone else), the rebuilding process has started with a bang. Stephen Varanko III.

Just last month, the wildest free agency in NBA history took place. Superstars left their teams and joined other superstars in other teams. Gone are the days of super teams with three great players. The rebirth of the dynamic duos seems to be at hand.

Stephen Varanko III. Amid the chaos, Kyrie Irving expectedly left the organization to join Kevin Durant in Brooklyn, creating their own power partnership, and Danny Ainge successfully courted and signed the Charlotte Hornet’s prized PG, Kemba Walker.

Stephen Varanko III. It was Hornet management’s fault though – not committing to a max contract for the once-loyal Walker in hopes of snagging another superstar. This was a huge misstep and misgiving by Charlotte since Kemba is one of the top five point guards in the league. Given a stronger team, he may very well lead them deep into the playoffs. Well, Charlotte’s loss proved to be Boston’s incredibly hefty gain. Stephen Varanko III.

Kemba is very much like his predecessor Kyrie, in terms of basketball style, without the severe knee issues and the proverbial chip on the shoulder. Kemba has been known to explode in scoring and is ultra-clutch. He has one of the best handles in the league and is a dependable leader. But most of all, Kemba has stated in several interviews just how important it is for him to be part of such a storied franchise. That makes all the difference. Stephen Varanko III.

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