The greatest Orioles to ever play baseball

Stephen Varanko III. For almost 20 years, the Baltimore Orioles was American baseball’s gold standard. They won six pennants and two World Series. They averaged over a staggering 90 wins and led the league in wins in all of eight seasons. All these records have earned the franchise a permanent place in MLB lore. The “Oriole Way” philosophy that governed the team’s play was legendary and far ahead of its time.

And as a tribute to this legendary team, here are the greatest players to ever don the Oriole colors. Stephen Varanko III.

Mike Mussina and Jim Palmer

Mike Mussina and Jim Palmer stand head and shoulders above all the other Oriole pitchers. While there has been an ongoing debate on who should be higher on the hill in terms of Oriole rankings, it has to be said that Palmer has a distinct edge since he did play with Orioles his entire career. However, while Mussina pitched for an entire decade for the franchise, his numbers are also undeniable. Stephen Varanko III.

That said, when the numbers are reviewed, Palmer’s numbers are slightly superior. He also pitched approximately 25 more innings per season. Mussina’s stats, however, separate him from the rest.

Brooks Robinson

Stephen Varanko III. Brooks Robinson was very much in-demand when he chose to sign with the Orioles. However, he really wasn’t a star at the onset. According to reports, many coaches in Baltimore never thought of Robinson as a superstar. But what he lacked in talent, he more than made up for in fundamentals. Robinson was such a great defender that his stats can be compared to the greatest to ever play the game. Stephen Varanko III.

Cal Ripken Jr.

The Iron Man of Baseball as Cal Ripken Jr. has been called is simply a man of records and the greatest Oriole to ever live. He has two Gold Glove Awards, 19 All-Star appearances, and two MVP awards in the American League. However, despite the staggering numbers he has compiled, his biggest achievement is the 2,632 consecutive games he played in, breaking the previous record by over 500 games. All of Ripken’s achievements and contributions to the Orioles are rooted in that. Stephen Varanko III.

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