Stephen Varanko III on The O’s This Season

Stephen Varanko III on The O’s This Season



Stephen Varanko III: Baltimore Orioles 2018 Schedule and Fearless Forecast

Schedule’s out for 2018! Stephen Varanko III thinks it doesn’t look too good for the O’s. At best, it’s a mixed bag. The first few games look to be the most difficult, with the O’s unable to breathe until April. Next season will have them opening against the Twins on a Thursday, March 29, then it’s off for the road.

Here’s the schedule until May:

March 29 – 31: Orioles home opener vs. Minnesota Twins

April 2 – 4: Orioles vs. Houston Astros home opener

April 5 – 7: Orioles vs. New York Yankees

April 9 – 11: Orioles home vs. Toronto Blue Jays

April 13 – 16: Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox

April 17 – 19: Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers

April 20 – 23: Orioles home vs. Cleveland Indians

April 24 – 26: Orioles home vs. Tampa Bay Rays

April 27 – 29: Orioles home vs. Detroit Tigers

May 1 – 3: Orioles vs. Los Angeles Angels

May 4 – 6: Orioles vs. Oakland Athletics

May 8 – 10: Orioles home vs. Kansas City Royals

May 11 – 13: Orioles home vs. Tampa Bay Rays

May 15 – 16: Orioles home vs. Philadelphia Phillies

May 18 – 20: Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox

May 21 – 24: Orioles vs. Chicago White Sox

May 25 – 27: Orioles vs. Tampa Bay Rays

May 28 – 30: Orioles vs. Washington Nationals

O’s, From Worst to So-so

Stephen Varanko III predicts the O’s have a chance at saving themselves from becoming one of the worst teams in the league, albeit a slim one.

“If the O’s have any intention of saving themselves from becoming like the Tigers who tanked last year,” says Stephen Varanko III, “then they really need to start paying attention to the rotation because right now it’s pretty much non-existent, to put it bluntly.”

The O’s are a classic case of a team with potential that’s suffering from horrible management. While some fans are well-advised not to keep their hopes up this season, that shouldn’t ruin the fun from loving baseball. If anything, things will start to look up for the O’s after they settle things with Manny Machado. They may be able to sign a starter and other prospects from St. Louis.

Speaking of Machado, Stephen Varanko III is willing to bet that he’ll suit up for the Yankees for offering the best package. But the rumor mills have been busy churning that he’ll sign with Boston whom, unfortunately, the O’s having nothing to gain from.

Indeed, things can only look up for the O’s. For fans, Stephen Varanko III says that the O’s have stopped price increases on season ticket plans, which isn’t the least bit surprising. With the prospects of extending Machado looking grim, the O’s are forced to make the first move to get fans excited again and shell out money.

What do you think will happen to the O’s this season? Will Machado take the team far as his last hurrah and save it from obscurity? Comment below your predictions and forecasts.

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