Stephen Varanko III on Re-Signing Baltimore Ravens

Stephen Varanko III on Re-Signing Baltimore Ravens


Stephen Varanko III: Top 5 Players the Baltimore Ravens Should Keep

Another season, another disappointment for the Ravens. Last season’s miss means the Ravens made the playoffs only once in the past five years. Some fans think finishing 9-7 is well within expectations, but some believe the team is starting to be complacent, and look like it’s settling for mediocrity. Stephen Varanko III, a diehard Ravens fan, predicts a playoff run can happen next season only if the Ravens keep these five players:

1. Mike Wallace – First up is Mike Wallace. Stephen Varanko III has a soft spot for the wide receiver, being that he seems to be the only player who has chemistry with Joe Flacco. Wallace has stayed, for the most part, healthy and produced good numbers for the team as well. The cherry on top? He cares about winning more than lining his pockets, so the Ravens have a high chance of keeping Wallace for cheap. The savings there could go to keeping at all costs Raven #2: Ryan Jensen.

2. Ryan Jensen – If there’s one player the Ravens should aggressively keep, Stephen Varanko III believes it’s Ryan Jensen. If the Ravens let Jensen go, the team risks losing a key part of its offense, and winning championships are all about offensive continuity. He explains that coaches are normally given three to four years to build and adjust their championship-ready teams and losing Jensen would mean ruining momentum. It’s likely Jensen will get bigger offers from other teams, but a fan can always hope, right?

3. James Hurst – Up next on the keeps list is James Hurst. Now some fans are all for re-signing Hurst this season because he’s been inconsistent throughout his career, but Stephen Varanko III believes Hurst provides a lot of depth to the Ravens’ OL and for cheap. With the probability that Hurst may be overlooked by other teams, there’s a fair chance he’ll stay with the team and continue to improve. All in all, the math makes sense and it’s a win-win for the Ravens.

4. Michael Campanaro – Another seemingly lackluster player because of persistent injuries, Michael Campanaro is one of the most consistent punt returners in the league right now. Like Hurst, it’s unlikely other teams will poach Campanaro because of his injury history. Stephen Varanko III believes the Ravens can use this to their advantage, keeping Camp for cheap while benefiting from his numbers. He holds an average of 10.8 yards in punt returns, so he’s one of the low-hanging fruits the team should snatch up.

5. Brent Urban – Finally, the Ravens should consider keeping Brent Urban who’s unfortunately also prone to injury like Campanaro. Stephen Varanko III has the same strategy for Urban. Because of his injuries, it’s unlikely he’ll find another jersey color so the Ravens can easily keep him for a million dollars or two a year. In return, the Ravens get to keep their starting defensive end.

Which players do you think the Ravens should keep or see walk? Comment below!

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