Stephen Varanko III on Kyrie’s Case for MVP

Stephen Varanko III on Kyrie’s Case for MVP



Top 5 Reasons Why Kyrie Irving is a Top 5 MVP Candidate

Boston is on fire! Who would have guessed Kyrie Irving would get out of LeBron James’ shadow so quickly and in such fashion as well? Stephen Varanko III believes Kyrie easily makes the list of Top 5 MVP’s candidates with his showing thus far. Read on why:

1. He’s posting amazing numbers for the Celtics – With an average of 24 points per game, 3.5 rebounds and 5 assists, Kyrie is without a doubt the Celtics’ offensive leader right now; his points are almost double of the next set of leaders (Jaylen Brown is averaging 14.2 while Jayson Tatum has 13.9). Of course, beyond these numbers, his value to the team is immeasurable. Stephen Varanko III adds that he is the only player who can consistently create opportunities for himself. The kind of shots he takes is also so entertaining to watch; in other words, he has talent and fans get a lot of fun out of watching Kyrie play ball.

2. He’s the floor general of a young and inexperienced team – Another reason why Kyrie is a top-five contender for the MVP: he is effective at leading a young and inexperienced team. The Celtics have been lucky with Jayson Tatum’s productivity and with Kyrie’s reported mentorship of the rookie, taking him under his wing; this can only mean better chemistry in the team. Stephen Varanko III wishes that Kyrie would make more assists like the latter said he would, but he’ll take what he can get.

3. The Celtics are playing without their first/second best player – We’re past the Gordon Hayward scare, right? Stephen Varanko III finds it hard to imagine where the Celtics might be right now if Gordon was healthy and playing. Would that have pushed or hindered Kyrie’s showing this season? All speculations aside, without Gordon in the picture, fans are fortunate to see what Kyrie is capable of. He’s practically proven all the skeptics wrong, leading the Celtics to the top of the Eastern Conferene this season.

4. The Celtics winning streak isn’t a fluke – Besides Celtics fans, almost everyone thought the 16-game winning streak was a fluke. Yet, here we are, with the Celtics holding on to its second winning streak of six. The 16-game winning streak is the longest this season and tied for 9th place in league history. Stephen Varanko III adds that the Celtics are on track to win 63 games which would make it the fourth highest in franchise history.

5. The Celtics have beat the league’s top six teams this season – Finally, the Celtics can brag about beating the top six teams. They won over #1 seeded GS Warriors; #3 Toronto Raptors; #4 Houston Rockets; #5 San Antonio Spurs; #6 Cleveland Cavaliers; and #7 Minnesota Timberwolves.

If those aren’t enough to get Kyrie into the conversation of the top 5 candidates for MVP right now, then Stephen Varanko III doesn’t know what will.

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