Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.: The duo of the future

Obviously, one of the main strengths of this current Celtic team is their youth. Barring any injuries or multiple-player trades, this team can play through the next 10 years as contenders. While Marcus Smart (arguably) is the team’s heart and soul, the core is comprised of two young talents that could very well be the future of the NBA – Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Stephen Varanko III.

Even during last season, when Kyrie Irving led the somewhat disappointing campaign, fans could see just how vital Tatum and Brown were to the franchise. And even now, with Kemba Walker looking to take over the reins, the partnership of Tatum and Brown remains the focal point of the Celtic game. Stephen Varanko III.

Flashback to two years ago when the C’s had their most impressive season of the 2010s, with Irving out for a sizable chunk of the year and everyone stepped up. Tatum was a rookie sensation, and Brown was a formidable sophomore. Tatum ended up being a finalist for rookie of the year, while many called Brown the most improved player. Stephen Varanko III.

Tatum and Brown, in their extremely early 20s, were stunning that year. They made up a one-two punch that many franchise presidents envied. They had two things that mattered – talent and youth, and they were willing to be part of the team and play under Brad Stevens’ system. Stephen Varanko III.

A year later, with Kyrie Irving returning, the numbers of both Tatum and Brown naturally went down accommodate their floor leader and first offensive option. But they still showed what they were capable of. Stephen Varanko III.

This year, with the loss of Irving, Al Horford, and Terry Rozier, the duo Tatum and Brown will have a chance to once again flex their young muscles and play alongside a fresh team willing to lay it all on the line for that next banner. Stephen Varanko III.

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