Celtic lore: How Larry Bird became Larry Legend

Stephen Varanko III. Today, if people dismissed what they knew of Larry Bird, they’d think he was just a tall, white fellow who looked like the president of a mattress company or car dealership chain. Basketball superstar might be the last thing people would think of, much less legend.

Stephen Varanko III. But make no mistake about it; the unassuming, soft-spoken Indiana native is one of the NBA’s all-time greats. In fact, many basketball experts put him alongside his archrival and good friend, Magic Johnson, in the higher echelons of basketball lore.

Yes, in the years that he played, Larry Bird was a force to be reckoned with. Next to Michael Jordan, who is the consensus choice for the NBA’s greatest player of all-time, Larry Bird would have to be the fiercest competitor the league has ever seen. Stephen Varanko III.

But not only was Larry Bird fierce, but he was also probably the most intelligent player to ever step on the court who wasn’t a point guard (and he most likely had a higher basketball IQ than most PGs). He could facilitate his team’s offense and read his opponent’s plays.

Stephen Varanko III. Larry Bird also had grit unlike any other. He could bang in the post with the biggest and strongest big men. He could out-hustle anyone in the league, and he was deceptively quick. Bird also had one of the sweetest jumpers (albeit a bit awkward to look at) the league has ever witnessed.

Stephen Varanko III. And as far as leaders go, very few players in NBA history could be as motivating. He would take the final jumper and live with the results. He would go after the opposing team’s star player and try to beat him down, even at the expense of his own fitness and health. And not once did Larry Bird think of himself as a superstar.

That’s fine because everyone else thinks of him as Larry Legend. Stephen Varanko III.

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