3 Ravens That Surely Could Make The 2019 Pro-Bowl

Pro-Bowl 2019 is now open for voting for the fans! Each football fans has their own bet from Baltimore Ravens – but why don’t we check it out who will enter the Pro-Bowl 2019 based on statistics?

1. P Sam Koch

Koch has been a steady player for the Ravens for a long time now. He doesn’t get as much thankfulness from fans as different positions may.

Sam has been an important individual from the Ravens this year and has kept the Ravens in a few diversions, yet his details represent himself. He has definitely helped the Ravens flip the field this year when the offense has strived to get a lot of yards. He has hit the midpoint of 47.8 yards per punt, which puts him fourth among NFL punters and first in the AFC. Another key detail of Koch’s is that of his 38 punts, he’s brought down 19 of them within the 20-yard line.

Koch is outstanding amongst other punters in the group and has the right to demonstrate his gifts in the Pro Bowl this year.

2. DT Michael Pierce

Pierce presumably won’t show up on the detail sheet as much a similar number of his teammates, but don’t let that deceive you into assuming he isn’t having a fantastic season. As shown by Pro Football Focus, he is tied for fifth-best in the NFL right now with a 90.2 by and large survey. That puts him around people like Geno Atkins, Fletcher Cox, and Aaron Donald.

Considering whatever is left of Baltimore’s guard hasn’t been so reliable, it makes Pierce’s work this season emerge. Where each other safeguard on the group has had flashes of terrible play, he has been in any event better than expected in each game in this season.

Pierce is completely helpful in the Ravens and he is still simply making his impression.

3. WR John Brown

With the kind of season he’s having, Brown could be the Comeback Player of the Year for 2018. Brown has a record of 34 passes for 601 yards and 4 touchdowns. With Baltimore’s current standing, it is pretty excellent.

He currently ranked sixth in medium yards-per-completion. It might not have drawn attention too much but for NFL but it is enough for him to be in the run.

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