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Hey there! Welcome to my site. I’m Stephen Varanko III and you have just reached my sports blog. This page will focus on my favorite teams, namely the Baltimore Ravens, Boston Celtics, Baltimore Orioles, and VMI Football and Basketball Keydets. If you’re a fan of any of these teams, feel free to check out my site. You might find some interesting and entertaining content to pass the time.

Stephen Varanko III: Baltimore Ravens

Among the teams in the NFL, I root for the Baltimore Ravens. Part of it was initially due to my dislike for the Steelers (a sentiment all Ravens fans share), but over the years, as I’ve come to watch the games and learn more about the Ravens, I can say I genuinely like these guys. They never play dirty like the Dolphins, which should be a blog topic for another time. Some of my favorite games this season have been against the Bengals in Cincinnati and the Lions in Baltimore. Of course, the win against the Dolphins too!

Stephen Varanko III: Boston Celtics

How many of you were depressed right after the Gordon Hayward injury? I know I was one of them. I honestly thought that that was it for the Celtics for the entire season, but luckily and gladly I’ve been proven wrong! The Celtics aren’t merely pulling through the regular season—they’re thriving and dare I say coasting along! Celtics fans are literally witnessing the future of the NBA in the next five years, with the revelation that is Jaylen Brown. Not to mention our floor general Kyrie Irving and top rookie Jayson Tatum. Did you know Tatum is only 19? There’s no doubt that each year the rookie class gets better and better than the ones before it. LaVar’s boy may be an exception though.

Stephen Varanko III: Baltimore Orioles

I haven’t lost faith yet. The O’s just need a hard reset and see where that takes them. Like others, I’m a big fan of Manny Machado, and I always stop myself short of calling him a traitor, but it is hard to imagine the O’s without him. I must admit that it’s only but natural for a player of Manny’s caliber to want more, and by more, I mean reaching the World Series. I just hope he doesn’t end up with the Yankees. You can stay updated with the trade rumors and agreements regarding Manny here on my site.

Stephen Varanko III: VMI Football and Basketball

Sports doesn’t exactly come to mind when one mentions VMI, but I still have a soft spot for them because VMI used to be one of my dream schools. Growing up I often imagined myself entering the military, but I never pushed through with my plans of becoming a cadet for personal reasons, so here I am, just channeling my what-ifs about VMI and the military through the men’s athletic teams. Go Keydets

Interested to read about these teams? Then head over to my blog! Thanks for reading!

Stephen Varanko III